• Rediseño de la educación y los valores

    Educar desde la diversión, la igualdad, los derechos y valores.

  • Potenciar al grupo frente al individuo

    Somos un equipo, juntos sumamos, avanzamos y progresamos.

  • Educar desde la diversión y entretenimiento

    La diversión es la clave del éxito, nos aburre lo aburrido.

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En Thinky, creamos contenido educativo, restableciendo el sistema de valores, potenciando el grupo frente al invidivuo y basandonos en la diversión y el entretenimiento.

There is certain balance you should respect. How much to refill?

An average adult excretes in urine, sweat, feces and breathing around 2.5 liters of water. Think about circulation in your body.

Small can also mean big! Difference between winning and losing.

Losing 2 % of body fluids can cause power reduction of 20 %.

Water is your body fuel. Keep a full and fresh tank.

You can live without food for some time but a man with no fluid intake will die in about 5 days.

Water or poison? Which is your favourite drink?

High-sugar beverages are dehydrating and should not count in your daily total goal. Remember it causes obesity and other metabolic disorders.

Take care of your heart, you will be rewarded with longer life.

Following a daily water intake goal protects your heart and lower the risk of heart disease by up to 50 %.

Have you ever heard of a water overdose? This is not a joke.

The human body can absorb per hour approximately up to 1 liter of fluid. Drinking too much water is definitely not healthy and may result in death.

Your brain floats in water and likes it. Think about water!

Water makes up about 80 % of the brain and any large change in water content will affect your brain functions.

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